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Like everyone I have a story that reflects both suffering and great moments of joy, happiness and immense clarity. I worked for 20 years in the corporate World with major blue chip companies based in London City achieving major success, in the eyes of my peers. All though it looked like I was successful on the outside having all the material objects like houses, cars and jet setting around the world inside I was bankrupt. Some would say spiritually bankrupt.





Six months ago I was very lucky to have met a wonderful Reiki Master who took me on my Reiki journey. I have been attuned to Reiki 2 and my life has never been better. A massive thank you to Simon Sutherland for my Reiki journey.


I can NOT thank Simon enough! I hope I can keep in contact with this special man until I’m old and grey. He isn’t just a gifted healer. He is a wonderful man with a heart go gold.


“Simon Sutherland has changed my life, for the better”!. That is quite a bold statement to start with i do realise, however nonetheless true. from the moment i met Simon his energy protruded strength and a deep sense of goodness , I immediately felt myself drawn to him. He has the ability to bring out the absolute best in those around him.

Bella Anne

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The Universe gave me a wakeup call that gave me the space to change 180 degrees. This was in the form of a major motor bike accident where I had a compound fracture to my left leg, followed by a hospital superbug infection which eventually spread into my Tibia bone. The 1st 3 operations I would use the morphine button every 5 mins for 2 to 3 days as the pain was just too much for me to handle. After the 3rd operation my mother sadly died. I was connected to an amazing lady and her husband who were to become both my teachers and friends, Reiki Masters Dorinda Roseberry and Nikorn Banjerdlert. Dorinda was also a gifted medium who connected with spirit and Nikorn is a Bestselling author in Healing literature and a Buddhist Monk in his early years. After meeting these gentle souls I embarked on a journey of learning Reiki and subsequently being attuned.

After studying for 6 months this powerful healing modality I had the opportunity to really put this energy to the test. I had operation number 4 and instead of reaching for the morphine button I chose to try this Reiki energy. Amazingly it took the pain away. The pain would come back  but each time it did I would put my hands on my leg and away the pain would go. I did this for a further 9 operations and each time the Reiki helped meaning I did not have to use the pain medication.

Dr’s said, once the infection had gone and the bone had healed after 3 inches being cut, that I would not be able to walk unaided again. This is where I went to Bikram yoga every day and gave myself Reiki every day. Within 3 months I walked unaided to the surprise of my surgeon.

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I have been working with Reiki professionally for over 8 years and am certified to Teach both Reiki and Bikram Hot Yoga.



    Born clairvoyant, with an inherited gift from both sides of my family, I didn’t have much choice in the fact that I could see, sense and feel peoples thoughts, intentions, and feelings. Now, after a lifetime of evolving and understanding this ability, I am in awe and filled with gratitude with every session I do.



      Dave believes that we can all experience real change irrespective of our early life experiences, if we are willing to to see beyond what we think we know.

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