Born clairvoyant, with an inherited gift from both sides of my family, I didn’t have much choice in the fact that I could see, sense and feel peoples thoughts, intentions, and feelings. Now, after a lifetime of evolving and understanding this ability, I am in awe and filled with gratitude for every session I do.

In my younger years, I did everything I could to ignore/run away from/deny this sensory overload.  I preferred my own company, or the company of my cat (yes she was black, and such a restful companion).  My life was magical as I neatly avoided anything and anyone negative.

But it was also an empty existence, lacking purpose and meaning.  Talents unused are like tools that are left to rust or gather dust. On my 21st birthday a friend, who happened to be from a Romany family, arrived at my door and gifted me a pack of Tarot cards. I didn’t know what the Tarot was, but on opening them, it was as if I had always known their language. Opening those cards, which I now know was a destined event, also opened a door, full blast, to all of my dormant intuitive abilities.

Suddenly I was seeing colours around people and knowing what the colours meant; guides; angels (even though I didn’t believe in such things).  I began to see information about people’s life choices, life purpose and the cause of core issues and traumas. Before I knew it I was doing talks and clairvoyant demonstrations.  People would offer an opportunity, my voice would say yes and the whirlwind of life caught me up and took me with it.

I did take the time to command proof divinely that all the things I was seeing were real and believe me, miracles and synchronicities arrived swiftly, allowing me no way out and no way back. 33 years, and many challenges, later, I have learned to ‘switch-on’ when I am working and (thank goodness) just be normal at all other times.  It seems that in dedicating myself fully to the purpose I have within me, allows me some freedom at other times.

What is more, this gift, every moment of it, has become a joy that lifts my heart, lights me up on the inside and fills me with awe and gratitude. To use this gift; to do a reading, very little of me, my thoughts or my feelings factor in.  I connect divinely, intend to co-create something ideal for the client, ask that my voice and visions be woven and played in whatever way is ideal at this time, and I ask to enjoy every moment of that divine co-creation.

You receive the result.  One hour of my total focus and attention, on you and you alone.

Does it make a difference whether I am in the company of the person I am reading?  No.  I reach upward and connect to that one source of truth, love, and light to which we are all connected.  I can’t know what you need, but something that created all of us does know and I endeavour to be the best translator I can of that knowledge for you.

If having a reading is right for you at this time, and if I can use my talents to offer some clarity, guidance, and healing, then I look forward to hearing from you soon.


Jane’s reading came at absolutely the perfect time!

My levels of confidence, drive and energy had been resisting the corporate lifestyle I’d been leading (on and off) the past 18 years. My bouyant spirit had dimmed and I was craving another way to experience life. I just never knew how to change or in which direction to start.

8 weeks ago I was made redundant! The Law of Attraction?

It was a huge shock, yet in my heart I knew I’d been gifted a chance to start afresh.


The day after my redundancy i flew to Phuket to detox the ‘office’ out of me. Daily yoga, massages, raw food and meditations. An unexpected Chakra healing session led by Simon, changed the total focus of my holiday and quite possibly my life. Not only was the energetic experience amazing, but I also discovered that I have the ability to help heal people through Reiki !!

Simon took me under his wing, passing on his seemingly infinite Reiki knowledge. This was so incredibly exciting, yet my corporate brain found it difficult to digest, understand and believe.

I felt like I was processing the end of one phase of life and moving into another. I was ready to listen to myself, to the real deep gut in me yet I was plagued with self doubt, fear and uncertainty.  It was therefore ultra important that i received Jane’s reading exactly when i did.


Jane has the voice of an angel !!!

She connected divinely, to ask that her words and visions would be used in whichever way were most supportive and guiding for me at this time in my life. My Soul, archangels and guides all spoke through Jane, with words that resonated and aligned with my ideal true-self. I heard harmony and truth in her words, and felt the removal of old sets of beliefs and limiting attitudes. She was incredibly accurate when describing my life vision and what I’m ultimately choosing to achieve.

I now have new clarity and confidence that these recent life changes and my way forward is such a guided, pre-ordained and destined thing. I just need to continue on this path, one step at a time.

I’m coming into a brand new vista, and have been given a whole new horizon in many areas of my life. Normally this would be incredibly daunting, yet i feel surprisingly calm and fearless knowing i just need to do “the one next thing”. Thank you Jane !!

I’ve listened to Jane’s reading on multiple occasions, and even typed out the whole dialog! I read it when I’m feeling overwhelmed or in need of a nudge to remind me that i am infact standing on my true-life path.

I am so grateful that I decided to have a reading with Jane. I am starting to feel stronger, rooted and more certain. I would not hesitate to recommend her to anyone interested in gaining more clarity about their life.

Thank you Jane xxx

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