Dave Lee, Construction and Mental Health Specialist

Author, Speaker, Transformation Coach, Workshop Facilitator, Wellbeing Consultant and father of two teenagers.

Dave believes that we can all experience real change irrespective of our early life experiences, if we are willing to go beyond what we think we know. Having lived through a difficult childhood with experience of both the care and justice systems, Dave, at the age of 21, found himself wielding a broom on a building site.

As the years progressed he found that he quickly rose through the ranks and was responsible for running multi-million-pound jobs. From an external perspective Dave was doing well, however, the stresses of the job combined with being the key provider for a young family took their toll and the only way Dave could cope was to rely on alcohol.

After hitting rock bottom, Dave started to explore alternative ways of dealing with stress and his mental ill health issues, that didn’t involve alcohol. On this journey, he discovered tools that made both his personal and professional life easier.

As his journey through life continued Dave started sharing these tools with his workforce. This led to him writing a book called “The Hairy Arsed Builders Guide to Stress Management”. Dave is co-founder of A Deeper Understanding Limited (ADUL) and he currently supports various companies, bodies and individuals on how to utilise these tools in their personal and professional lives.

Dave is inspiring and passionate about sharing his insights and wisdom to create real change.

Dave joins Call Confidential with over 30 years of experience in construction and now focuses on helping others with health and well-being.


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